Useful information for Competitors

Upon arrival in the town please proceed to the harbour entrance on Beacon Quay, Royal Torbay Yacht Club volunteers will be there to welcome you from midday from Wednesday 28th August to Sunday 1st September, each day from 08.30 until approximately 18.00. Outside these hours please press the button and request the Harbour office or security to give you access.

You will be directed to Haldon Pier and shown where your trailer maybe parked prior to measurement and launching. Once you have parked your trailer please move it to the adjacent car park as quickly as possible. A clearway must be kept along Haldon Pier for commercial and emergency vehicles.

When measurement and launching is completed, it will be necessary to move all road trailers to Daddyhole Plain. a secure parking area which is only 5 minutes away. Full directions will be given to you upon arrival.

At Daddyhole Plain trailers should be parked around the edge of the area through the barrier which is locked overnight and throughout the event. It is advisable to bring a chain and lock with you. Do not park against the far wall and keep the central area clear, this may be marked “H” as it is a helicopter landing pad.

Measurement and equipment inspection will take place on Haldon Pier and sail measurement in the adjacent marquee, at the times specified in the NOR and SI’s
Detailed information regarding the measurement process will published closer to the event. The Royal Torbay Yacht Club will be found on Beacon Terrace just above the harbour and on the opposite side of the road from the top floor of the car park.

Harbour Plan

Logistics Map

Route to Daddyhole Plain from Torquay Harbour

The field next to Daddyhole Plain car park will be made available during the event.

The officers and members of the Royal Torbay Yacht Club are looking forward to welcoming J70 sailors from across the world. Torbay is a truly magnificent venue and boasts some of the finest sailing waters in the world.